Has anything really happened?

I didn’t expect so much to news to happen in the last few days.  I’m not complaining; it’s always more fun when things are happening!  A few of the things that popped up on my radar were the following

New hair for Tanaka Reina!


It’s been a while coming.  When I first started out in the fandom, Reina was one of the first girls I noticed.  I suppose skinny girls catch my eye.  I loved the little winks and poses she gave during live performances because she knew that her job depended on making a connection with her fans.  I’ve seen a fair amount of criticism for this, but I’m OK with it.  In my book, it is better to be a shamelessly self-promoting idol than a boring only-doing-my-job, 9-5 idol.

This girl needed a change.  And change has come in the form of short cut hairstyle.  As much as I like her, I have to admit that she was getting stale with her look and personality (personally, I wish she embraced her yankii style rather than eschew it for a more cutesy approach).  A quick read around the blogs informs me that most think her new hairstyle is related to her upcoming Reina-Band project.  I’m hoping that she will use her new look to kick ass in her new project.  (I really hope her band will have a rock style a la SCANDAL).

New H!P units!

I didn’t see this coming at all.  After thinking about it, this would be a decent way to get some exposure for some of the underused girls … except the girls in these units are (mostly) not underused personalities.  My only hypothesis about the inclusion of these idols is Tsunku is using these units as a grudge-match to find out which of his girls have the starpower to carry Hello!Project for the next five years or so.  So … first matchup is-


Isn’t this a smorgasbord of idols?  (legs legs everywhere!)  DIY♡ consists of (left to right) Nakajima Saki, Yajima Maimi, Natsuyaki Miyabi, Iikubo Haruna and Tokunaga Chinami.  They look pretty fetching in the short shorts and midriff exposing white tops, eh?  Miyabi has been in many units before, most notably Buono! and is easily the favorite here. Although among her competitors Maimi has many fans for her athletic look and energetic performances,  Nakky is a fan favorite for her dancer’s body and sharp dancing, and Chinami recently charmed many with her excursion and tweets from Thailand.  Although the newcomer, Harunan, is starting to appear on variety shows, I have a feeling she was put into this unit to gain valuable experience from girls who are more-or-less her age.  You never know, though; the Jojo otaku might prove herself to be the next miss popularity!

Listen for yourself..

On a personal note, after listening to the two previews I think I prefer the DIY♡ song to the Peaberry song … which brings us to


This is clearly a main event.  Of the younger idols, Wada Ayaka (left) has been very popular as the S/mileage leader.  I suppose people connect to her squeaky voice … I don’t see it personally.  Seeing as the short skirt girls are experiencing some growing pains now, this unit is the perfect opportunity to test and galvanize her fans against the newly minted Morning Musume ace, Sayashi Riho (right).  Riho’s strong performances and cute smile has gained her many fans.  Many seem to think that this young lady is the “new hope” for Hello!Project.  Peaberry might just be the perfect place for her to shine brightly without too many distracting on the stage with her (less members = more face time).


Nothing new.  I just like her a lot!


I never took a liking to the Wonder Girls.  Their previous releases sounded quite plastic to my ears.  BUT this release and the accompanying dance has been burning in my cerebral cortex for the last few days.  “Like This” is a fun song with an interesting PV concept: promotional video, turned into a flash mob, turned back into promotional video.  And while we’re at it, watch the dance practice video; it shows off the dance much better than any other clip for the song that I have seen.


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