More variety

More Morning Musume on the Black Variety show.
Watching this I am encouraged by Reina’s singing and performance, impromptu as it was.  Clearly, she is an old pro at these things.
This is also the show where Sayu get’s a karate chop in her eyeball and then is 5 seconds and 5 feet away from being molested offering “help.”  Luckily the tenkis were close enough to save their leader.  After that, we are treated to Sayu’s version of “Single Bed.”  I love her a lot, but her moneymaker is NOT her singing chops.
My favorite part, you might guess, is the Eripon bits in the second clip.  At 2:50, she and the other Q-ki’s sing along to “Pepper Keibu.”  Just look at Erina’s enthusiastic dance and charming smile … KRYPTONITE.
Similarly, at 6:45 KY motors to the microphone, grabs it first, and says “Renai Hunter” with the other 9ki and 10ki.  Ayumi and Haruka then proceed to punch and kick the creeper who magically appeared behind the girls.

I cannot wait for next week’s show which features more Kudo kicks, an inflatable attack ring(?), and inflatable bat attacks.

Enjoy the show soon … I’m sure it will disappear sooner rather than later.


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