Cha Cha Flash mob

This is what I wanted from this PV … something fresh that H!P hasn’t done before.  This looks way more fun than the actual PV for “Cha Cha SING” that was released a few weeks ago.  The contrast between the girls’ stylized Thai outfits and the street clothes of the flash mob makes the girls stand out beautifully.  Look at Berryz … now look at the flash mob … BACK TO THE BERRYZ.  Isn’t the difference between the girls and “regular” people striking?  After looking at idols all day long, I sometimes forget that even the plainest idol blows away most “regular” people in the looks department.  Miya looks great and drives me crazy flashing her midriff.  Risako’s hair still looks weird.  What kind of color is that for an idol?  Does she think she’s edgy or something?

Anyways, I hope we get more of this version of the PV in the future.  Perhaps we’ll see it included in one of the releases or maybe the single PV.  (I know I could look up the extras on the LE CD+DVD’s, but I am le tired)

Oh, and it’s worth noting that the Wonder Girls “Like This” PV totally scooped H!P.  #StillListening


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