Morning Musume, putting themselves out there


This was a great idea.  In order to revitalize Morning Musume, it is imperative that the new girls make a name for themselves in the public.  I love the idea of the girls going out there and flyering for their own show, shaking hands, and flashing smiles along the way.  I can’t imagine what I would do if I was walking along and all of a sudden Sayu is there handing me a flyer.  I would FLIP THE FUCK OUT.  And, people did flip their wigs … at least they did for Sayu and Reina- and rightfully so as the more well known idols in the group.  When Haruka, Ayumi and Riho see the commotion that the older girls cause, they double their efforts and really start selling it.


Another clip of Reina and Sayu heading to a University cafeteria.  The boys in the video are quite … impressed with the Musume (and with good reason!).  I loved how the entire cafeteria stops and stares at the girls when they enter the dining room.  I think I saw someone translate one of the boys as saying “I want to be that pasta” as Sayu was eating her spaghetti carbonara.  I’ll spare the pervy comments on this one, but just imagine …

So yes, more Morning Musume interacting with their fans, please.  Not in a “I bought 30 copies of the new single so Kudo can call me ‘baka’ 30 times” way, more like a “wait, isn’t that the funny and pretty Morning Musume girl?!?! OMG it is!!” way.


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