When idols karaoke

Part of the gold mine of idol watching is finding moments when your favorites are unguarded and acting genuine.  If you’ve been watching this stuff for long enough, you will have the realization that the public persona that they display is not necessarily their real life persona.  That’s part of what I like about this video (found on tumblr)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxwPdPBHb6E]

Now, the girls certainly know they are being filmed, so there is a chance that they are playing their parts here, but there is a freshness that I don’t see very often.  Reina look like she is having a jolly time with an uncharacteristic wide grin.  Aika and Risa never get to sing lead for this, or any song; they are quite enjoying themselves as well.  Ai looks happy that the other girls are getting a chance to sing and relishes the opportunity to just goof off in the background.

And, you know what?  Risa and Aika sound great.  I’m not one of those fans who cry whenever my favorite doesn’t get lines (she almost never will); I understand these girls are a business institution.  Whoever makes the decision to distribute the lines does so informed by factors that are not limited to singing “chops.”  It’s fairly obvious that these girls can carry a tune capably.  It’s great to hear their voices.

Did I talk this clip up enough?  WATCH IT!

Oh, and does anyone know where this is from?  Judging by Ai’s hair color, I want to guess it is from “kono chikyuu no heiwa no honki de negatterun dayo” single.  Perhaps it is from a DVD magazine?


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