Passpo are a bunch of goofballs

Passpo seem to do this better than anyone else.  Random videos of the girls goofing around backstage or during rehearsal litter their official youtube channel.  Like I wrote earlier, videos like these allow us fans a glipse of what the girls are like offstage, when the spotlight is not so apparent.  We get a better idea about what these girls are really like, get to see some occasionally unpolished rehearsal footage, and smile because the girls are smiling with their genuine smiles.

The video I watched this morning features Matsui Mio and Makita Sako in a weird tumbling/breakdancing showdown.  Of course neither of the girls are accomplished breakdancers but that is beside the point!  What I have learned from these videos: Miomio is a superfreak!


Some other videos after the jump

Here’s a video of Miomio and Okunaka Makoto singing backstage.  This clip should be totally unremarkable except for Makochan.  Have you ever seen Makochan smile like that onstage?


How about Miomio, Tamai Anna, Sako, Shiori Mori, and Iwamura Natsumi  spinning each other around in a rolling chair?  It’s much more entertaining than you might realize!


Finally, we have Anya practicing “Pretty Lie.”  What I have learned- Anya is a hottie.


If you are  not already a Passpo fan 1) why are you still reading? 2) you need to check them out!  They have a quality product that is an easier intro for westerners than other idol groups.  Comment if you would like suggestions!


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