Tokyo Girls’ Style much?

It’s been kind of slow the last couple of days here.  Actually, maybe a lot is happening, but I am unaware of it since I am going on vacation tomorrow.  This site will have sparing updates for a couple of weeks whilst I go on vacation tracking down a few Blur shows in England and Sweden.  You’re warned …  don’t give up on me yet!

Anyway, I thought I would just praise Tokyo Girls’ Style for a few moments.  I’ve been keeping track of them for a while now.  Their first single “Kirari” didn’t really do a whole lot for me … not my thing?  I enjoyed “Onnaji Kimochi” quite a bit since I’m a sucker for the cuteness.  Fit did not hit the shan until I saw Kodou no Himitsu.  This is probably the first time the girls reached their potential.  The song is more of the same sound that they established on their previous singles.  I like the instrumentation that they use, especially the sound of their bass.  What sets this single apart from the previous ones is the dark atmosphere that is cast with the costuming, color palette and lighting.  I never expect idol videos to just look dark the way this one does.  I love the costumes: dark and frilly with a hint of purple in the petticoat.  I even like the dance with it’s hurky jerky rhythms matching the musical rhythm.  If you haven’t seen it, watch it!


Next up from them way “LIMITED ADDICTION”.  I take it back, THIS is my favorite TGS song.  Firstly, Konishi Ayano has a GREAT voice especially when you consider that she is … 13? 14?  The presence of her voice elevates the verses to a different level than “Kodou no Himitsu.”  Chills, really!  Instrumentally, listen to the great drum track!  The high hat work is priceless.  I enjoy the basic groove on the guitar, and I’ve already talked about the bass work.

HOWEVER … I do feel uncomfortable watching this PV.  Right from the get-go, I don’t think I want to see my girls with their hands crossed above their heads swinging their hips around.  It’s not overtly sexual or anything, but there really is something about it that is unsettling.  Not as unsettling as a camera panning up on a soaking wet Ayano sitting in her swim suit.  Call me a prude.  Of course, feeling unsettled is probably what this PV is about.  In that case mission accomplished.  Watch and take a shower.


Lastly we have “LIAR”.  These three songs all work together since their sound and feel are similar.  The basic groove here is a bit busy for my personal taste.  I like the octave vocal work that comes out in the verse and the harmonies in the chorus of the song.  Admittedly, I get a little ear fatigue listening to the three songs consecutively with “LIAR” being on the downhill side of my attention span.

Visually, the girls emote very well in a narrow hallway while beckoning with their lace gloves.  The contrast of each girl with a desaturated black-lips-and-nails version of herself also looks arresting.  Of course, most people are going to remember this for 1) the loli kiss, 2) the loli tear-away skirt and 3) the loli butt shake.


So there it is … my favorite TGS.


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