New colors

Firstly, welcome to Scotland. I’m currently on a train to Glasgow like a tourist, because I am a tourist. I figured I would use this time to talk about colors (cue the Ice-T song).
Recap: Ikuta Erina is dropping purple and switching to yellow-green and Iikubo Haruna is changing from chocolate to yellow; or is it honey … I dunno because I’m on vacation. What’s important here is me. Firstly, Haruna: I sincerely hope her color is actually “honey” like all the tumblr stuff I’m seeing is suggesting. I think Haruna being prickly about her color is pretty funny. She needs some character more than having a voice that spirals higher and higher in pitch the longer she talks. Haruna needs to be known for more than questionable dancing, singing, and BMI. being a color fascist should be enough of a shtick for the time being.
Eripon switching to yellow-green gives me problems. Firstly, she looked great in purple. The darkness of the color matched so well with the cool character that she projects when performing. Look at the “One-Two-Three” again and marvel at how well she does cool. On the other hand, she really is a bit of a goof. The frog green color matches her KY personality better than purple. Then there’s the Wotapon character. I think she needs to distance herself from that character a bit while it’s still a cute “remember when she was young” moment. Being known as a Risa wota will not advance her career as much as being a cool character with the insides of a KY. So no, I wish she didn’t change her color. Not to mention I already have a purple Ikuta Erina T-Shirt. I already made my peace wearing purple, I suppose I shall have to do it again and learn to wear yellow-green. Eripon: if I didn’t love you so much, I would punch you. Actually, I still might punch you. A loving, affectionate punch, but a punch nonetheless.


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