Q-ki and Ten-ki Photobook preview


Just wow.  The girls look great, their innocence is maintained, and there are no bikini (in this preview).  I say this preview is an unmistakable hit.

Look at Ponpon in the larger image.  It feels like the girls are looking right at you!  Eripon’s slight smile invites the viewer into her world while Mizupon coy glance is mysteriously alluring.  Ponpon seem to know how to play with the camera in ways that the other girls don’t know, yet.

The smaller shots of the girls in seifuku emphasize the closeness of the generations.  The 9th gen have a confidence reminiscent of a schoolyard clique.  The 10th gen show a softer cohesion with Harunan’s affectionate posturing and Masaki’s adorable shyness.

I’ve never been one to buy photobooks, but I am seriously considering purchasing this one.  I need more Eripon.  I need more Mizupon.  I need more Ponpon!


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