More 9th and 10th gen previews!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a cover.  I’m not as happy about this cover as I was about the previews, unfortunately.  The girls appear to have very genuine smiles.  Haruna is a smiling professional, and Masaki looks truly happy in a droopy-eyed way.  As usual, Mizuki looks like she’s trying to seduce you, which may not be a bad thing depending on your age group.  Aside: I don’t even think she is trying to be seductive … her natural look, whether the half smile she has here or the IDGAF face she gives in the “One Two Three” PV, has a *gasp* shmexy allure.  This girl is dangerous.

But, who chose this photo?!  Masaki and Kanon are sun lit, while the rest of the girls are in the shade.  Really?!
Who chose this photo?!  Poor Eripon is smiling her heart out but looks to be desperately trying to keep her eyes out of the sun.

Now this is more like what I want.  OK, it’s just a larger version of those previews, but you can’t tell me that this isn’t great.  I love the glow of the window in the Q-ki photo.  PonPon are doing their best to lure you in (don’t resist) and look radiant in doing so.  My god, isn’t Eripon amazing?!  The Ten-ki’s closeness really comes through in their photo.  Haruna’s smile is award winning, again.  Ayumi looks to be idly awaiting her a playmate.

In the athletic photo, the Ten-ki are full of win.  In fact, they probably beat the Q-ki at some ridiculous “sporting event- they look genuinely happy about something.  The Q-ki look like they are trying to smile, but just got their asses handed to them.  In fact, Eripon doesn’t even try- she looks PISSED that she was beaten.  But wow, does Eripon know how to make eye-contact with the camera!  Don’t worry, dear … you’re a winner in my heart.


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