Tokyo Girls’ Style gets a leg up

Bad Flower is the name of the new PV from Tokyo Girls’ Style.  No doubt, the girls are looking to heat up the competition in the idol market.  For all their talent, I honestly think they are under-performing sales-wise.  Will the new PV have an effect, or will they keep their same numbers?

Bad Flower

I’ve always been a fan of TGS PVs.  More than any other group that I have seen, they do a better job holding to a theme in their videos.  This one is no exception.  And I’ll be clear: I loves me a dark TGS more than a frivolous TGS.

Things begin nicely, with the girls in flowing black dresses doing their best to play hide-and-seek or “heads up, seven up”.  The desaturation and red highlights makes one think of vampires and other nefarious night-time tales.  We’ve already seen a vampy TGS, so this should be no shock to followers.

What the hell?  Bat wings?  I like the look of the fabric and the overall visual effect, but are they really trying to evoke bat wings or vampire capes?  Don’t tell me Miyu is going to show off her fang ..

On second thought, using their wings in little tableau like the one above adds a great visual element.  Certainly, they’ve added volume to their formation- the girls are wispy thin!

Next scene: empty frames.  Certainly, they’re not reinventing the wheel on this one.  Something new  about this scene is the lack of background … it’s like Yuri is standing in pitch black or the middle of the night.  Perhaps those empty frames are supposed to be empty mirrors- mirrors that don’t reflect the images of the creatures of the night.

I love to see the girls enraptured in dance like this.  You can also see the red details on the leather jacket nicely in this shot.  The already pale looking girls look positively ghost like under this color treatment.  As a reformed goth, I approve.

Mei and Yuri doing some semaphore.  Since their 2 month training break, there has been a marked improvement in the girl’s singing.  I don’t think anyone improved as much as Mei has improved.  You can’t really tell in this song, being a Hitomi and Ayano lead, but really look out for her solos in upcoming songs.

The girls as playing cards.  I’m not that into this- it’s a bit corny isn’t it?  I remember when I was younger, I enjoyed reading Roger Zelazny’s “Nine Princes of Amber” which featured a tarot deck that served as an interdimensional video-chat device (no shit).  Maybe I’m being to hard on the TGS deck.  I mean, I’d love to have a way to have Ayano sing to me whenever I wanted…

One can now see the full extent of the bat wings.  As with most things TGS, their is a little bit of naughty since you can see their bare legs under the translucent skirts.  I wonder if the girls even know that they are playing the roles of premature vixens?

I love this part of the song.  The choreography in the instrumental break features the floor work shown above- Mei and Ayano sliding across the ground in front of the other three girls.  Actually, TGS’s dancing skill might be vastly underappreciated.  They always look sharp and together.  Although their choreography doesn’t feature the gymnastics of other groups, I love their quick turns and unusual formations.  This instrumental break is no exception.

That’s right, girls.  Dance around Ayano as she pwns vocally.

Mei really wants it.  I don’t know what IT is, but look at her face- total want.

Last visual element- CG film burn exposing the girls’ eyes.  I don’t know what this means.  Do the girls have laser vision?  If the eyes are the windows to the soul, are we burning away the false vamp pretension to expose the true souls of the girls?  Did the art director just think it was cool?

Finally, some Miyu.  I felt like she was getting the short end of the stick in this PV, so I thought I would include a shot of her.  She is a vampire, after all.  Maybe we can make an all-vampire idol group including Miyu, Suzuki Airi and Tamura Meimi … that would sell, right?

Overall, I enjoyed this song and PV much more than “Rock You” their last single.  The return to darker themes was welcomed.  I did think the instrumental sounded a bit busy in parts- too much of a good thing.  I also enjoyed the fuzz guitar lead playing in the background of the verses.  Maybe it was just my copy, but I could have used more bass.


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