Q-ki / Ten-ki ACTION

BTW, this is my first photobook purchase.  I’ve seen my share of gorgeous photos from various photobooks in the past, but for some reason I really felt like buying this one from the Morning Musume kouhai.  Yes, I am hoping for some sweet PonPon action …

OK, left to right, what I think of the girl’s fighting poses

Kanon- has never fought in her life.  She looks like she is holding an invisible steering wheel.  Also, her posture doesn’t look to wonderful.  Is she giving the Juukie members a thumbs up?

Riho- also, not a fighter.  She looks a bit weak in the arms, but her face looks like she just made a seriously sassy comment- even if her body can’t back up her mouth.

Eripon- I believe it.  Looks like she is ready to kick ass.  Well, she is giving someone the stink-eye … “I don’t want to see you girls hangin’ around my Mizupon!  SHE’S MINE!”    Her hands look a bit defensive, but her face is convincing.  Yeah, she’s really eyballing someone on the Team Ten-ki.

Mizuki- Looks lovely, and probably couldn’t hurt anyone.  She has her hand on her hip, so she might be dispensing the attitude.  But let’s face it, she loves all H!P.  Then again, her left fist looks like it means business…

Haruna- looks like she is having fun.  While Kanon looks like  she’s about to bust a smile, Haruna is straight up gleeful.  Haruna- we’ve seen your stick-like figure.  There’s no way you are causing any damage.

Masaki- Hard to tell- too obscured.  Her face looks appropriately serious.  She looks like she is making major eye-contact with Eripon.  In fact, someone needs to draw laser beam eyes between these two girls.  There will be blood.

Haruka- She has a bit of a cock-eyed head tilt.  Appears to be lining up the sights for an invisible rocket launcher.  Is she smiling, too?   I expected more from Miss Husky-voice.  I’ll bet she can do one helluva hardcore guttural scream.  That’s it … I demand that UFA loan her to Babymetal.

Ayumi- another “hand-on-my-hip” girl.  C’mon, who fights in twin tails?  Gosh, her forearms and wrists are super dainty.  From this angle, it looks like it would be easy to snap her right wrist in half (not that I would).  She seems to have a dancer’s pose; gettin’ ready for her finishing move- the pirouette high kick!

It’s late.  Wait, is that a submarine behind them?  Or is it an Airstream??


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