Morning Musume in Hawaii songs!

I’ve finally heard audio from the Morning Musume fan club concert in Hawaii on 9/01/2012!  I’ve been looking forward to hearing these rips for about 2 days now (MAN I wish I was in Hawaii).  These concerts are different than their counterparts in Japan in that there are usually many solo songs and the girls tend to choose songs that are unexpected.  Occasionally there are disasters.  Sometimes there are lulz (Yossi and Miki’s version of Rainbow Pink OMG).  In other words, anything can happen!  I was totally into hearing how the members would sound with another year of experience.  I will also provide you with my very biased opinions!  You wanted my biased opinions, didn’t you?  So I begin with ERIPON

Definitely an improvement.  She also picked herself a song that plays to her strengths.  It’s upbeat and catchy and doesn’t require much of range.   Also, there aren’t too many notes that she needs to hold for very long.  This song was originally done by the goddess Goto Maki; Eripon can’t possibly hope to compete with Gocchin vocally not that this was the point (here’s the original if you haven’t hear/seen it CLICK).  I think that Eripon does a great job with this song!  She really sounds like she is working the crowd and they are loving her performance.  I can’t wait to see video 🙂

Next in my interest is Mizupon.  She chose the Morning Musume B-side to Mikan, “Bon Kyu! Bon Kyu! Bomb Girl”.    An upbeat song with a rockabilly feel- I wouldn’t have pictured it for Mizupon.  She does a great job handling all the notes and never sounds off pitch to me.  Her little squeaks were definitely endearing.  The only real criticism I can give is that her version sounds a bit boring/textbook.  But that isn’t really a criticism considering she has probably sung this song 5 billion times in karaoke.  I’m sure it was a joy of a performance to watch.

RihoRiho singing Kimagure Princess?  I know she is being painted as the chosen one (and probably rightfully so) but I’m not feeling it.  The song is difficult to sing: there are verse parts with stupidly pitched backing vocals, there are notes that are held out longer than she is probably accustomed, and there rapid-fire rhythms to sing in the pre-chorus.  I also imagine she did this while dancing up a storm.  I can forgive this performance audio; I think we are all expecting too much perfection from a 13 year old girl.

So let me get this straight, after Harunan changes her color she performs “Chocolate Damashii”?  Um, warning haru, honey: this song is an Ayaya song.  Vocally she sounds to have bitten off more than she can chew.  Her voice is lost in the verse and she squeaks her way- off-pitch and out of breath through the chorus.  By the time she gets to an ending that is finally in her range, it is all over for her.  I admit that the song choice is hilarious for the former chocoholic (she even says, “Sayonara, Chocolate!”), but we have to acknowledge that this was not a great performance … not that it really matters, ’cause it doesn’t.


Next up is Sayumi’s version of “Kataomoi no Owari ni” that was sung by her fellow Rokkie, Kamei Eri.  Sayu sounds pretty great for about half of this.  Then she loses her focus in the chorus.  Initially I thought that holding out those high notes in the chorus took its toll on her voice.  She starts to end her notes with the “Sayu Squeak” and goes off pitch like crazy!    But in my second listen it seems like she really lost her nerve and stopped singing.  I wonder if she was overcome with emotion and started crying … it certainly sounds like this happened.

Finally I have Sato Masaki’s tackling Morning Musume’s B-side to “The Manpower!!!!”, “Love & Peace! Hero ga Yattekita”.  Two things: 1- why does “The Manpower!!!!” have FOUR exclamation points?  I understand one, I’ll even chill with two … but FOUR?  2- I should probably start adopting Masaki’s nickname; it’s Masakissu, right?  That’s cute.  I’ve heard people talk about how Masaki has perfect pitch and like all perfect pitch claims I am skeptical ESPECIALLY since most people don’t even know what pitch is!  I am impressed with this performance!  I don’t know if she has perfect pitch or not, but she was definitely on for this song.  I can’t recall a note that was horribly offensive, or even better- not unpleasant.  Masakissu has been slowly climbing my rankings with her dorky mushroom hair.  I think I heard someone say that she has a pure soul and I kind of agree!  She comes off as childlike and innocent and it makes me smile. Good on you, Masakissu!

Well, I really wanted to hear the group version of Sakura Mankai but couldn’t find a youtube link for us all to enjoy together.  I’ll listen to this on my own, then.  Anyhow, you can hear more clips from Hawaii here . Thank you to “itsthefarrahmonster” for putting it up.  ALSO, there is a full set-list and DOWNLOAD of the entire concert at . If you’ve never been to hellosayunii then you’re an idiot.  No, not really J/K.  The site is an excellent resource and all H!P fans need to visit.  NOW.  Why are you still reading?


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