Okunaka Makoto, are you kidding me?

Not a whole lot to say about this … just me ogling Makochan.  HOW DARE SHE?!

I’m told that these shots are from a magazine called “smart” September 2012.  I don’t know how she always manages to take amazingly beautiful photos like these and manage to still be a doofus.

In news, Makochan is acting in a Kamen Rider show “Kamen Rider Wizard“.  To be frank, I know nothing aabout Kamen Rider shows.  Of course, I am totally willing to watch a show or two for Makochan.

AND …. new Passpo single is coming soon!  The new song is called “Wing” and is in German Metal style.  If you’re keeping track, their last three singles have been LA Metal (“Next Flight”), Japanese Punk (“Natsuzora HANABI”) and now German Metal.  Does this mean sounding like Scorpions?  “Here I am Makochan … Rock me like a hurricane, please!”  Enough of my fantasies, order the new single … Regular Edition or Limited Edition


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