Ikuta Erina on the Bus

This is a short clip of Ikuta Erina from her bus tour DVD. It’s not HER bus tour … it’s actually Niigaki Risa’s bus tour (her final bus tour). Wotapon was lucky enough to attend the tour as a fan.
Did you get that? A member of Morning Musume participating as a fan on a fellow member’s bus tour. That’s some pretty brave stuff, allowing a 14-year-old idol on a bus filled with wota. Well, I’m sure she had some security, and a film crew … but STILL.
Really, I recommend watching this DVD. It’s quite touching seeing Eripon wota for her idol. Tears are shed. Idol tears are shed. And, she will bring a smile to your face. Look how adorable she is on the clip! How can NOT love that?


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