Being told things like, “During the golden era,” is extremely frustrating. When the current members are singing old songs, we are seen through that lens. I do understand that that is also amazing, though. But still, from the current members’ point of view, we also want people to listen to the current songs. When we appear on TV, there have been times when we’re still asked to do “LOVE Machine” even though we want to sing songs that we released recently. Of course, we’re left with the feeling, “I wish they’d let us sing our current song also, even if just a tiny bit of it.” To reduce that frustration, we have no choice but to aim higher, right? So it was with that sentiment that I said, “The golden era is starting now.”

Michishige Sayumi, Morning Musume’s Current Leader (Top Yell Tr. at Hello-Online)

Don’t mistake her pretty face as the face of an airhead.  This girl is determined to bring Morning Musume back into prominence.  Lately, I’ve noticed the trend based on comparisons between Reina’s blog posts and Sayumi’s blog posts.  Both girls, being somewhat narcissistic (they’re idols afterall), post plenty of pictures of themselves.  But Sayu tends to also post loving posts and pictures about the other girls.  She does this so much so that I’m also seeing people call her a pedophile, which is hilarious if not ridiculous.  The truth, I think, is that this girl is SMART.  She is promoting her brand.  She is promoting the new girls.  She is promoting the future of Morning Musume.  As a former back girl, I know she was frustrated with the lack of attention she received.  As a Momusu wota, I know she is frustrated with the declining state of her group.  I’m glad that this girl is the leader because she knows she will not get lines and the best thing for her is to raise the popularity of the group selflessly.


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