Eripon being talented

Good Morning.  Just a lazy Sunday here.  Let’s unload a couple of fun things from Tumblr, shall we?

Catching an apple on a fork?  Now that’s some impressive stuff!  Especially since she flinches a bit when the apple arrives.

I know we’ve this picture before, but I still love it.  Plus it’s been edited!  No more text!  And the colors have been rebalanced!  I remember when Eripon was just starting in Morning Musume, I would freak out at her weird legs- they made strange angles at her knees.  I’m staring at her knees now!  And, I’m not noticing anything uncomfortably strange.  In other news, Mizupon looks pigeon-toed…


Whoa, Eripon got kicking skillz …  I’d like to see her crane technique!

Man, I’m going to love the hell out of this photobook when it arrives.  In the second photo, everyone looks looks worried except Zukki, who is never worried, Harunan, who is feeling up Mizuki, and Mizupon, who is being felt up.  Actually, Mizupon has the “I’m a little embarrassed that you caught me in this delicate pose.  Please remove it from your memory” face.

Yeah .. no one actually says this.

Um … wtf?  Don’t use that wipe all the toothpaste and mouth junk off your face!

Tumblrs that were just raped:


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