Let me get this straight: I go to sleep watching the 11th gen finalist video and I wake up to the winner?  That was quick!

I’ve seen five minutes of the video, and I really like her!  She looks great, she sounds great, she dances well, what’s not to like!  To be honest I was really hoping for more than one member- I don’t want her to be lonely.  Well, what’s done is done so no use in complaining any more.  Wow, this happened so fast.

more pictures after the jump!

I remember hearing her a few months ago as an egg.  I was really impressed by her voice, more impressed by her voice than other eggs who didn’t make it.  It was a standout voice.  I also being not impressed with her looks, but watching the video she got cute.

Sakura as an egg

Congratulations to Sakura!  I look forward to seeing you singing solos on every song.


One response

  1. I did not watch a single video or update on the 11th gen auditions. But upon watching Oda Sakura’s video clip of her being accepted into Morning Musume by Tsunku and evaulating her skills, I was impressed. We have to remember this audition was to find a singer not an increase of members. But even I have to agree with some others about it being a 1-nin gen, she has to be pushed then.

    I like her even more after watching the video. She looks so cute and fits so well with the others. She sings really well and her voice changes from low to high, I think her dancing is not so bad either. Someone made a comment that when she imitated Namida Tomarana Houkago, her voice changes from Konno to Miki in the video of her audition time and they were right.


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