More Oda Sakura

A longer version of Oda Sakura singing during her audition.  I’m listening to it again as I am writing this.  I am actually a little blown away about how great she sounds.  There is a control to her voice that I haven’t heard in a Hello! Project singer in quite a while.  She also has more power, sings more from her diaphragm, better than I can remember most H!P singers.  The song itself sounds like a song of victory.  If you catch me in the correct mood, I might shed a tear over this.

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Here’s Sakura-chan’s S/mileage footage.  I am in wonder how I could have forgotten this girl.  Did I not see her singing during the S/mileage auditions?  Did they not play all of her footage during Hello! Pro Time?  All I remember from her is that forehead!  As she is singing “Uchouton Love” (my favorite S/mileage song) she sounds like she is faking.  She is purposely trying to sound like a S/mileage girl.  I can hear her imitating each member’s voice when their line is song.  “Here’s some Sakitty, followed by some Yuuka.  You want some Kanyon?  How about Dawa?  Too bad, I can’t sing Dawa ’cause she always sounds awful!”

As a ripe old 13 year old, she has already gone through some pretty big changes in her looks.  I’m excited to see how the life of a Musume and another couple of years will cultivate her style.  Good God, she’s already cut her hair short for you, Tsunku!


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