The new Morning Musume

They look quite happy with themselves.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many of Masakissu’s teeth.  If Eripon was drinking a cup of coffee, she would be just like me in the morning!  Except, I don’t really wear that color or overalls.  I wonder how much the girls knew about Sakura before she joined the group?    And exactly what is her nickname going to be?  The next picture is the true induction.   You are not part of the team until you make a funnay face:

She does a pretty mean bulging, crosseyed face.

Someone knocked the Qki out.  Is it group nap time?  Is it their turn of clean the dance studio … with their tongues?  I think this might be one of their strange team building activities.  The question is: can you tell which one is which based on their backsides?

Serious business time.  Some of the latest Morning Musume official pictures:

I love the Masakissu-face.    Then there’s Eripon … is she doing the Mayuge Beam?!  I love the face she makes in the first picture (so cute), but I don’t think she needs to remind people about her Niigaki fandom.  That’s completely unnecessary.  Or maybe I’m just sensitive to this type of thing.  Of course Harunan is making Harunan face.  She really is quite photogenic.  In many candid shots she looks like a praying mantis, but she is quite photogenic.  Looking at these pictures and the ones below, one thing strikes me immediately ….


What the hells is that hat?  It looks like Tsunku spray painted a red Solo cup and stuck it on their heads!  H!P has a long storied career with silly hats, so I guess I should expect this, … but Solo cups?!?

And then there’s Harunan…

I know nothing about Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, but I suppose she is doing one or two of the signature poses.  I think she might be exposing more than she knows in that second photo …

Here’s a look at the girls performing the new single in the single outfits.  This is a first for me.  They’re not wearing their member colors!  Under the lights, they look pretty striking.  The lights reflect off of the colored material nicely, and I imagine they look great under black light.  I’m not a huge fan of the styling.  random pockets?  Black puffy sleeves?  Laced black miniskirts?  Some girls without the black skirt?  I would have preferred more cohesion in the outfits.  I think the worst part of it is some of the girls do no look well-fit into their outfit.  I guess I’ll need to file this under “Questionable H!P costumes”.  That file is already bulging.


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