Eripon love

well it didn’t take long for Eripon to cozy up to Sakura!  Erina’s blog (translated at told us that they had a long talk and that Eripon is looking forward to more talks!  They look nice together!  And, Sakura and Haruka seem to have genuine looking smiles.  If I was Sakura, I would probably be creeped out by all new acquaintances I needed to make.  I hope Sakura can give Eripon some singing tips … anything helps!  Maybe Eripon has found herself a new Karaoke partner?

Yup, more pictures with her and the Solo cup.  I kinda like the shirt she is wearing in the first photo.  I might almost buy it since I like the phrase on the shirt.  At this point for me it really is “No Hello! NO LIFE.”  In the third picture the next obsession for me starts to take shape … it’s Eripon’s eyes..


I know the makeup accentuates the positive in this case, but Eripon has wonderfully shaped eyes.  In the first picture, PonPon shows off their great eyes (Mizupon has a nice set, too!).  I like the extreme closeup on Eripon.  You can see the camera in her right eye, and she looks beautiful!  The second photo (costarring the solo cup hat) demonstrates how her lashes can open up her eyes and highlight her large pupils.  I’m also drawn to looking at her fingers … we’ll get there eventually.  Compare this picture with some of her early ones, and you can see just how much she has progressed as an idol.

This one is funny.  Eripa looks like she is trying plant a smooch on Haruna’s elegant neck.  I don’t blame her.  I like my girls to have long elegant Audrey Hepburn necks.  I don’t know what Masakissu and Ayumin are looking at; they are clearly missing the action.

Also on the blog, Erina got her hair cut again.  She must really like having short hair!  Her hair also seems to grow really fast ….


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