Maimi x Airi

Maimi x Airi 1

You know, when I started writing this site, I told myself that I wouldn’t write a lot about bikini photo shoots and magazine spreads. Now look at me. At least I have good reason. These pictures of Maimi and Airi at an outdoor shower are the freakin’ bomb. It’s leaving the cute territory and heading toward HAWT-land. Check them out, please!

Maimi x Airi 2
Maimi x Airi 3
Maimi x Airi 4Maimi x Airi 5Maimi x Airi 6Maimi x Airi 7Maimi x Airi 8Maimi x Airi 9Maimi x Airi 10Maimi x Airi 11Maimi x Airi 12Maimi x Airi 13Maimi x Airi 14Maimi x Airi 15Maimi x Airi 16Maimi x Airi 17


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