Morning Musume- last shots of 10nin(?)

You know what I don’t have a lot of? The new Morning Musume whole group pictures. Let’s fix that. I like the above picture a lot. The girls look real natural and loose. Not to mention there are legs everywhere.

Here are my beloved Q-ki. Yup, still my favorites!

This looks like it’s from the same photoshoot as the Q-ki photo above it. Everyone is playing along with the peace sign game, and Sayu is chillin’ like a boss.

More from the white photoshoot. Look at Eripon on the right; vamping it up. She’s getting ready to show a more mature side, perhaps. She does seem to have a dichotomy- she gives off a very cool vibe in photos, but seems real goofy in person. Other girls look great again. Special shout outs to Mizupon for rockin’ the side pony and Ayumin for not looking creepy.

A little more close up.

Mizuki looks pissed, and Kanon is posed like a gorilla …. Eripon looks aloof.

Laughing at someone just off screen. Eripon is not amused.

AND KICK!!! (now with strategically placed hearts)

Another favorite. The girls look genuine, and Reina looks smug.


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