More photobooks!

Qkitenki gumi

“Sayu begins the show by recapping MM’s recent Hawaii fan club tour. She says they went there for 9 days 7 nights. She believes this is the longest MM has been in Hawaii. During their stay there, 3 days were dedicated for the actual fan club tour and then the rest of the time was for photoshoots. This time, there will be 3 Alo Hello photobooks coming out – a group Morning Musume one, a 9th gen only one, and a 10th gen only one. When Sayu and Reina first heard about this they were really annoyed that they don’t get a 6th gen only one. Sayu says both of them were quite jealous for a while.”

from 2012-09-10 Konya mo Usachan peace highlights
translated at

OMG, I’m excited about this! Predictable right?! I am bummed that there are no Rokkie photobooks planned … I need more Sayumin bikini shots, just sayin’

There is also a story from the post quoted above about the tenki gumi getting in trouble and missing dinner as punishment. It’s a different concept for Western fans: we would tend to believe that the girls would be given a little of the rock star treatment, but from all indications, the girls’ trips to Hawaii have more in common with a school field trip than a tour. I suppose no one trashed their hotel room … but imagine Masakissu throwing the television out the window and into the pool at the Waikiki Hilton. I’d chip in to pay for damages. Hell, don’t I already donate money to the Morning Musume Scholarship fund?

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