Wakuteka Take a Chance PV

First, you should watch the PV. The girls look lovely.

In the interest of full disclosure: I was quite anxious to see this PV. After the success of One-Two-Three, I hoped that Tsunku would continue to keep Morning Musume relevant and a top seller. Well, they kinda did that. Something about this doesn’t sit right with me, though …
Let’s take a look at all the girls, shall we?

Michishige Sayumi
Sayu 1

Well, to start off with, Sayu is probably the only current musume who I can show to casual acquaintances. She’s pretty, cute, sexy, and just ideal. No surprise that she looks great in every shot. Sayu has taken the pittance she was doled and turned it into gold. Even here, her lines are reduced (really expanded considering her past line distribution) to a strange sing-song with Mizuki; but she makes it work. She sounds perfect for this part.

Tanaka Reina
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Reina was my first favorite morning musume. She looked amazing in everything I saw … and I really liked the spunk that she had in her early years, before she decided that she wanted to be cute and not yankee. Then she got a bit stale.
I think her new hair cut might have revitalized her. She looks stunning in all of her shots. Look at all the eye contact she makes in the screen shots above. The pink looks great, her new short hair cut looks great, and the shoulderless outfit gives her an added sexiness. AND, she is not touching her face every 2 seconds like another former Musume lead …

Fukumura Mizuki

I can only imagine what Mizuki is going to give us in a few years. Most likely a heart attack. She is so young, yet is giving the older members a run for their money in the mature sexy department. Where does she learn these looks from? I think she was just built for this kind of image. Maybe a better question would be: “How did Tsunku know she was going to be a knockout?” Don’t tell me he’s assessing the potential hawtness of all the 12 and 13 year old girls he has in his system. That’s kinda gross.
Anyways, I really dig the back and forth part Mizupon has with Sayu that I mentioned earlier. I still think she needs to develop her personality a little more. A pretty face will only get her so far in idol land. I mean, it’ll get her pretty far, but not far enough.

Ikuta Erina

Eripon … It’s hard for me to be truly objective, since I love her so much … Overall I think that she gives a very uneven performance. Sometimes her dancing looks crisp and full of confidence like during the Sayu/Mizu duet (looking great, girl); yet other times she still looks a little lost. I notice this especially in the transitions. Which begs the question: why are some of the dance shots focused on transitions? They’re probably the least exciting part of the dances. Back to Eripon, I think she looks best on the light bed. The dubbed parts on the light bars emphasized creases in her face (probably from the additional lighting). Also, I was able to get a clear view of her right lower jaw and misaligned tooth. I think it’s cute, but I know others think dental work need be perfect. I’m still puzzled by her hair and her lack of a lacy black skirt. What does that mean? Mostly, Eripon fades into the background of this PV much too much for my liking.

Sayashi Riho
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Like the last few Morning Musume songs, Riho gets quite a bit of face time on this PV. Not to say she hasn’t earned it. If you are still not convinced that Riho is an amazing all-around performer, then you aren’t really paying attention. Sure, she needs to develop some character to her voice, but she has plenty of time to learn how to become an amazing vocalist. The problem, for me, is that even though I acknowledge how amazing she is, Riho can never be my favorite. It’s not her smug look or her cider obsession that turns me off- there is nothing to be turned off from. There isn’t much improvement that needs to be done with Riho, so it’s difficult to cheer her on to success. I’m glad she is part of the group- they need talent like her. Talk to me about Riho in a couple of years, when she starts to look more womanly.

Suzuki Kanon

Zukki faded into the background of the “One-Two-Three” PV. I felt bad for her because she looked truly out of her element. In this PV, she seems to have found her place. Her solo close up draws attention to her face- probably her best feature. Still … if it’s not childish and cute, Zukki has problems. She needs to develop some personality depth; judging by this PV, she is going to be fine.

Iikubo Haruna

Well … her experience s a model shows. Haruna has the kind of face, body and eyes that look very freaky in real life but look awesome through a camera. She’s still not a great dancer … I’m assuming more than one person think this is a charm point, though. Haruna’s large open eyes look great in the PV, and she is getting better at her idol tool set. I wonder if she will ever be an above average singer and dancer, though.

Ishida Ayumi

The other dancing wonder. She doesn’t possess a voice that is above average, yet. Sometimes, I prefer Ayumin’s dancing crispness to Riho. In this PV, she rocks the closeups. Much like early Reina, she has a bit of wonkiness in her eyes: I sometimes call it “crazy eyes.” It mainly happens when she is concentrating to much on the camera. She should get rid of this eventually. I really like the high pony look that she’s got going on here. If you catch her just right, you can see the knockout that she has the potential to become.

Sato Masaki

Firstly, I love what they have done with her hair. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Cleopatra bangs. I have a difficult time with Masaki because she is just a child. I hate to see her in situations where she is supposed to emote sexiness. When she is on the light table, she looks like she is waiting for someone to play house with. Considering she should be out making mud pies, I don’t think is a reasonable request. Still, she looks great in this PV. Her serious look is intriguing, and her silly playful look just looks out of place. I am slowly becoming a fan of this girl, just because of the young brashness that she brings. Right now, I’m sure she thinks that taking over the idol market will be a snap (it won’t). I still think she gets a strangely high amount of screen time, which leads me to believe that Tsunku thinks Masaki is going to breakout into something special. Let’s hope he’s right.

Kudo Haruka

The youngest Morning Musume girl also has the most experience, ironically. You can see this in the way that she exudes confidence. More than the other shin members, except for maybe Riho, Haruka performs like she means it. Husky-voice still does not get enough lines for my liking, but is growing up nicely. This PV makes her look dead serious- which might be her adolescent stab a being sexy. When she’s not looking serious, she looks a bit goofy. So, I’m hoping she learns a few more looks. Interestinly, I know Haruka had screen time in this PV, but I think she doesn’t quite do enough to hold attention. Then again, she’s 12.

You know watching this PV reminds me of my mom. She said to me once, “I don’t like fluorescent lighting. It makes me look too yellow!” Well said, Mom.


6 responses

  1. Your commentary made my whole day. This is everything that I’ve wanted to say, but was too lazy to write it. I also don’t know what’s up with Eripon’s hair/outfit. Maybe she’s about to get a push soon?


  2. Thank you very much!
    I hope Eripon gets a push … although it seems like they are pushing her in subtle ways outside of “Morning Musume, the singing group”
    I can see her doing her own web show, or something like it. She’ll probably have to tone down the wotapon/Gaki-sama bit, though


  3. Hey, it’s NyNy from H!O ^^ I liked your commentary. I think my favs Ayumi, Mizuki and Haruna are looking really good 😀 I feel that Kanon and Erina deserve a bit more spotlight but then again, I believe their time will come soon. Not happy about Kanon’s outfit though, it could have been better.


  4. Hey NyNy!
    I think Kanon is getting the same kind of outfits that Risako was getting a while ago … the kind of outfits that make her look chubbier than she is! Not flattering. On the bright side, Kanon looks nice in her close-up shots.


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