This week was ____

A biased, incomplete, totally unprofessional look at my week as I attempt to love idols even more than I already love them.

1) Morning Musume decided to get tans, dance without Ayumin, and hang out in the lighting department of Home Depot

2) Morning Musume played concerts in Fukuoka (Eripon’s and Reina’s hometown) and Yamaguchi (Sayumi’s home prefecture)

3) Oda Sakura is now nicknamed “Odacho”, watched reshoots of the “Wakuteka Take a Chance PV and took some pictures with her new group SRSLY, Odacho?! W … T … F

4) A “Type 0” MV of “The Matenrou Show” will be included in Puchi Best 13 … cuz I suppose we all wanted one? Or maybe they already had it in the can from the Pachinko machine and wanted to put it somewhere. Anyway, the PV will feature Takahashi Ai, Niigaki Risa, Michishige Sayumi, Tanaka Reina & Mitsui Aika

5) Eripon took some cute closeup pictures!

6) S/mileage performed their new single! I don’t hate it ^__^

not sure if these are for the tour, the single, or both … but I like them! Where’s the picture my Kanyon wearing this outfit?

7) S/mileage started their tour, Ayacho tore a ligament in her leg -__-

8) C-ute look great, dance great, sound great … and now in harmony!

9) Hello! Pro Kenshuusei got their own song! Can it be that Tsunkuboy realized that he has talented trainees?


10) Sayu is still teh hotness


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