BiS enjoy being naked?

I can’t get around this very easily.  The first thing you are going to notice about this PV is “naked” people rotating in space.  So there.  It happens.  And FTR, they’re not really naked, but that doesn’t really matter.

BiS are now easily the most ambitious idol group I have ever seen.  They don’t really seem interested in doing things the normal way.  Take this song, “Ash.”  I assume that it is from they’re latest release “Idol is Dead” on sale on October 24 (you can buy it here: CD Japan) … I’m going to definitely pick up a copy.

What makes this special?  Is it really even good?

I probably can’t answer those questions for you.  For me, I’ve listened to a broad swath of music in my time here, although I haven’t always been the most discerning listener.  On “Ash” I really like the way the guitars and the kick drum lock into their 16th note rhythm.  I’ve always been a sucker for tightness.  I’m less of a fan of the synth lead, but I can stomach it a lot more on Japanese releases than I can in English releases.  I also like the effects-laden vocals.  I know some people are not fans of this, especially if the effect used is autotune; this doesn’t offend me at all.  I think it adds to the spacey sound of this song appropriately.  Overall, I enjoy the sound of this song quite a bit.

I have less to say about the PV.  Yeah, it matches the song very well, but it feels a bit like I’m just watching a screen saver.  OK, a screen saver with rotating horses and “naked” idols, but still.  It doesn’t even come close to the over-the-top visuals in most of the BiS PVs.  Take the “Idol is Dead” PV.  Jail Stripes?  Bats with nails poking through?   Grainy film and fish-eye lenses? Eye black?  Then those vocals ….  This is not your normal idol group.  This is all a reminder to me: I need to keep better track of BiS.

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