Wakuteka Take a Chance (Dance Version)

This is what we’ve been waiting for, isn’t it?  After seeing the rehearsal, the dance instructors, and the temporary version the main event has arrived!  Unlike most dance versions, the background of this video is plain black, giving the impression that the girls are dancing in outer space.  The camera zooms in and out, but does not make a cut!  This dance version most reminds me of the “Resonant Blue” dance shot since both were done in one shot.  Also similar to RB, the dance is crisp, much crisper than the rehearsal version.

The girls’ outfits look nice without the harsh reflections from direct lighting.  The head bops in the pre-chorus are more pronounced because of the black background.  Masaki head looks especially awesome … look at her go!  The arm salute angles in the chorus become much more noticeable, especially when they switch angles.  The circle formation also comes across better, since the dancers in the front; Haruka, Masaki, and Haruna get real low to positive effects.  Speaking of Masaki, I’m become quite impressed with her of late.  Look how adorable she is in this video …

I don’t know what were in those gumball contains, not gum obviously, but she wanted that Ayumi one badly.

Back to WKTK TaC, it’s not all sunshine.  By the very nature of this kind of PV, there is a lack of closeup shots of the girls.  I think the Sayu/Mizu part loses some of it’s flair, mostly since they are difficult to see among the colorful background of the other girls.  During that same part, Eripon also fades away- I think she looks great swaying her hips and swinging her arms to a fro;  unfortunately this is also lost.

Even with these setbacks, I think this video is probably preferable to the temporary version for many people.  I can’t decide.  I love the close shots of the girls on the tanning beds.  The girls (improbably) also look great next to the fluorescent light tubes.   I think I’ll probably hold judgement until I see the “not-temporary” version of the PV.


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