PonPon pimps for Mizukingdom

It’s Fukumura Mizuki’s birthday soon! October 30, to be precise, is when Fukuchan turns 16.  To help advertise, PonPon made us a little video to help show off Fuku-hime’s birthday shirt.  Many congratulations on reaching your quince, which only makes sense if you have Spanish speakers around you (and that’s ironic since I’m not a Spanish speaker). And yes, my asides now have asides. Perhaps it’s time for some Fuku-Fotos?

Our first look at Fuku-hime as a Morning Musume member

Renai Hunter … too suggestive?

PonPon goofs!

She has a knack for these poses

see what I mean?

there she goes again

look at those eyes

I know someone out there will appreciate this look

As will someone appreciate the Fuku-tummy

She has a mole on her shoulder

I dunno … the “Apartment Wife” shoot seemed to turn people on

And these outfits always bring out the best in people


How about a zombie Fuku?

With the Kubrick Lolita glasses

More “Apartment Wife” … not surprising that UFA exploited this.  What’s surprising is that they haven’t capitalized even more!

Love the laurel

This outfit really played to her strengths
see what I mean?


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