Those Q-ki are ANIMALS

adorable, adorable animals! Of, course I lead off with the Eripon picture, because she is the best. Just stare into her eyes for a little while. LOST. How about her mouth? It curves into a little smile in her left corner. So complex! The rest of the Q-ki girls are no slouches either: Mizupon looks great as always, but the loss of her long hair is sad. Zukki gives a trademark cute expression … I think she’s throwin’ a peace sign under there. Winner here is Riho, though. I love her open mouth smile and her misaligned front teeth. I wonder if her teeth is the reason she always uses the closed-mouth smile that makes her look smug. ERIPON TIME!! She’s been showing her forehead a lot lately as seen in this official photo and in these blog photos with Sayumi and Haruka and Haruna:

It makes her look 2 years younger. I love her face in the photo above. Eripon with Husky-Voice demure Eripon:

Then, there’s megane Eripon …


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