I’m going to start with the Eripon unit (because it has Eripon, duh). We got wind of the new Satoyama units last week, including this unit, HARVEST, and GREEN FIELDS. HARVEST’s lineup is Ikuta Erina, Ishida Aymumi, Sato Masaki (all three from Morning Musume), and Takeuchi Akari (S/mileage). We haven’t heard anything yet, but these four have performed together before during the 2012 Hello! Project concerts. There is a nice bit of film during an outdoor photo shoot. This preview video has lots of Eripon as the main talker; I suppose that she would be the leader of this unit, having the most seniority among the members. Even though Take-chan was an Egg since 2008 (prior to joining S/mileage), I believe that seniority only began when she joined a main group. Being a Satoyama group, they are outfitted like farmer girls (I guess) with their straw hats and plaid shirts. Also in the video, Take-chan makes a big announcement that catches the Morning Musume girls off guard.

Next is GREEN FIELDS, a unit containing Shimizu Saki (Berryz Kobo), Matsui Aika (ex-Morning Musume), and Miyazaki Yuka (S/mileage audition). Unlike HARVEST, it’s pretty clear that Captain is captain in all units. I’m sure someone was clamoring for more Aika, hopefully this unit will allow her to shine. I don’t know where Miyazaki has been- I don’t recall her being a part of the H!P Kenshuusei. I’m glad that there is a place for this girl in Hell! Project still. I remember vaguely liking her during the S/mileage auditions. This video has the three just relaxing in a park, having a picnic, riding bikes. They make the same announcement as the HARVEST video, but the reactions are not as big as the reactions of the three MM girls.

These two units, as well as the other Satoyama units: DIY and Peaberry will release CD singles on November 11. Peaberry will share a single with HARVEST, and DIY will share with GREEN FIELDS. Each group will have a cover to themself:

I know- the names are kinda corny. No, I’m not looking forward to saying absurd things like, “I love HARVEST.” But, this is a small price for more Eripon, isn’t it?


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