Massive amounts of Kuduu & Masakissu

I cannot stress to you enough how quickly you need to watch these. Drop what you are doing, unless you are holding a baby in your arms, and watch this set of videos from Morning Musume in Black Variety. This goes doubly if you are a Haruka fan or a Masaki fan. This goes triple if you are on the fence about these two. You know this video will not stay up on YouTube for very long- I’m surprised it’s still there!

We all know that without the subtitles, and probably with the subtitles, there is an element of creepiness to this. These girls are 12! And, no I’m not being pervy about this- there is nothing to be pervy about. But, setting up this dude to hang with the girls is a bit much. Then again, this is entertainment and they are all entertainers. Here’s part three:

There you have it. Kuduu is a bit of a badass, and Masaki is just adorbs. Love the girls a bit more, will you?


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