Kikkawa You versus

Kikkawa You- Vocalist?
Former Hello! Project soloist Kikkawa You’s new album is a cover album! There’s something about vocaloid in the description, but to tell the truth I don’t know what all that is about. I adore her voice, and I appreciate her covers of oldies. It’s nice to know about the musical tradition from which these idols come. If you are reading this then chances are you, like me, did not grow up listening to Japanese popular music. This is like a quick education.

In the spirit of the American elections today I’ve decided that it’s time to vote! Do you like Kikkawa’s cover? Or do you prefer the original? I won’t tell my preferences, but I will say I prefer some of the originals. Which ones, you ask? I may say later. Maybe.

While you are at it, buy Kikkawa You’s album here: Vocalist? at CDJapan

First up:
Watashi ga Obasan ni Nattemo
Kikkawa You vs. Moritaka Chisato

Kikkawa You vs. Saito Yuki

How about:
Kaze wa Aki-iro
Kikkawa You vs. Matsuda Seiko

Itoshisato setsunsato kokorozoyosato
Kikkawa You vs. Sinohara Ryoko

Maji de Koi-suru 5byo mae
Kikkawa You vs. Hirosue Ryoko

Kikkawa You vs. Saori Minami

Well there you go! I hope you enjoy all of these oldies, and here’s to more to come!


2 responses

  1. To be fair, Kikka’s cover of 17sai is actually of Moritaka Chisato’s 1989 rendition, and not the Saori Minami original:

    Still, very cool post! So far this album looks to be shaping up great! I can’t wait for my copy to arrive!


    • Thanks for your feedback!
      I realized that the Kikkawa version was a cover of Moritaka’s cover, but I thought it would be more fun to compare it to the Saori version. This was mainly because there was already a Moritaka cover included among the other videos.
      Which were your favorites?
      I’m partial to the Matsuda Seiko song ^__^


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