Morning Musume Mini-Live

Some videos from Morning Musume’s Mini live on 2012-11-30 at Tower Records Shibuya.  So far, I have found only the B-sides to their latest (outstanding) release “Wakuteka Take a Chance”.  The singing voices of the girls are easy to pick out from these since they all sang live(!) and were not buried in the mix.  I thought I would share, because I’m a sharing kinda guy.  I also have some commentary- letting my inner music nerd out of its cage for a little while.  And because I’m also a geek, we’re going to do this in 2-3-5 order.

Daisuki 100 Manten

The first shock is Mizuki’s microphone.  During her first line, Mr. Soundman forgot to put Mizuki in the mix.  Mizuki doesn’t panic and continues to sing with a cheerful face as if nothing had happened.  I couldn’t see any monitors, but perhaps she was only down in the house mix.  Mizuki’s experience pays off and she definitely sounds the best out of the two.  Mizuki sings her lines with clarity.  Ayumi, on the other hand, hits her notes (or close-enough) then puts a weird wobble in her pitch.  In the chorus, a two-and-a-half measure phrase that requires some breath control gets the better of the Ayumi.  Mostly, I think it must be a little frustrating to sing those unison lines with Ayumi.  Her inconsistency makes these unison lines sound unpolished.  Mizuki, on the other hand, is very consistent in both her tone and pitch (perhaps too consistent).

Futsuu no Shoujo A

Reina sounds great here.  That probably shouldn’t be surprising given her talent and experience.  The song itself requires very little range, making it a good choice for inexperienced singers.   For example, Masaki sounds great on this, as well!  Actually, Haruka also sounds great.  Of the three, Reina’s voice has a great complexity when compared to the younger two (as expected), and Miss “Imma-Graduate-Soon” sounds best when the intervals are sung in the chorus.  After all, Reina has been DOIN’ THIS GIG SINCE HARUKA ND MASAKI WERE THREE YEARS OLD.

Shinnen dake wa Tsuranu Kitose!

Shockingly, they give the first two lines to Haruna and Erina- widely regarded as the two worst singers in the current Morning Musume.  The first lines are sung solo with little musical accompaniment- just a guitar I believe.  In comparing the first two lines, Erina comes off slightly better.  Haruna ends her notes prematurely while Erina sings each note right to the beginning of the next.  Erina’s troubles with time show up in her very exposed line as does a slight pitch wobble in her last whole note.  I make it sound horrible here, but really they sounded just fine to most listeners.  Actually, the whole performance is just fine.  The only lines that make my ears perk up are the Sayumi duet lines.  Sayumi has a habit of hitting her notes, the letting her pitch slide up practically a half-step.  Like with Ayumi, duet lines with Sayumi must be frustrating.  The song itself is rather unremarkable.  Without a good song to work with, this performance falls a little flat even with the girls putting on a solid performance.

Like with most things critical, I’m making mountains out of mole hills here.  Overall, I found the performances very satisfying.  The progress of the less experienced girls is quite remarkable.  Haruna and Erina improved greatly since the last single!  Hopefully, more video from this performance will make it’s way to the internet.


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