Voting Season vol. 3

Just a few more to pimp here …

Selective Hearing’s 2012 Year End Survey from Greg at Selective Hearing is quite extensive.  I think there are about 40 questions about your opinions on AKS, Hello! Pro, KPop, and JPop.  Not all of the questions are multiple choice- some ask for short responses.  There is also a drawing for an undisclosed prize, I hear.

Top H!P Songs of 2012 Fan Poll/ Video Project from Celestia at Bikkuri Project looks like fun, as well.  Just rank your favorite H!P songs from the last year- singles and album tracks.  Assign +10 to first place, +9 to second place etc. and you are done.  Celestia included a list of all eligible songs on the site, so you don’t have to wrack your brains too much.  As a bonus, Celestia edits together a GREAT video with all of the winners- quite a treat.

Here’s the video trailer:

And, here’s last year’s video- lots of fun, indeed.

(Yay Uchouten Love! LOOK at how cute Kanon is!)


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