Hello! Kanyon

I remember the first time I heard about Fukuda Kanon. It was a running joke that Hello! Project had succeeded in cloning Kago Ai and the clone’s name was, you guessed it, Fukuda Kanon. Since then, I’ve followed Kanyon from Shugo Chara Egg to indies S/mileage to 4-nin S/mileage to S/mileage 2.0. I love her the energy she brings to her performances-. I love her dedication to the idol life. Do I need to mention that I find her adorable? Probably not. Watch her in the Uchouten Love PV again. Then rewatch because you love her cute expressions! REPEAT!!

The news this week was Kanon’s University acceptance (I don’t think anyone knows where she is going to attend, just that she will be attending university). Oh, and that photobook that was just released.

I’m not in favor of exploitation, but I am in favor of fair business: this photobook should have happened long ago. Kanon’s popularity as an idol would have certainly been helped by a couple of photobooks early in her idol life. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that I want super-smutty pictures of young girls flooding the market. A photobook doesn’t need to be packed with photographs of young girls in compromising positions, just full of pretty photographs of the girls looking fantastic.
Well, enough of that. How about some previews?

You can order Fukuda Kanon “17” at CDJapan

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