Q-ki Photobook Handshakes

File under “Events I didn’t attend because I don’t live in Japan”

It’s no secret that I ADORE the Morning Musume 9th generation. Because of this, I keep track of their activities, like the Handshake event at Fuke Bookstore (the Shinjuku Subnard Store). I envy each and every one of the attendees. This is just one more event where I didn’t get to see the lovely Eripon and the rest of the Q-ki. Here are a few more of the images from the event.

Now let’s do the fashion check (what can I say, it’s a slow day today)


Argyle cardigan? check. Plaid miniskirt? check. Long socks? check. Beret? check.
This is probably a look that only a Japanese girl can pull off. It’s all over the place, yet harmonious still. It helps that under the clothes is a beautiful girl who carries a princess aura.



Twin tails. Vertical stripes and brass buttons. Long socks. Leopard print shoes?! More extreme than Mizuki, Erina puts together a GTFO outfit better than the other kyuukie girls. Her mismatch goes together with her KY character. The twin tails tell of the innocence of her character. The vertical stripes accentuates her slim figure, as seen in the photobook, while her shoes reminds us that there is an upcoming single, and the animal print is the motif for the single. She’s young, carefree, and liable to make mistakes while she keeps trying to become the world’s number 1 idol. Her cuteness is beckoning me to write praising gibberish, so I’ll stop.


Raspberry Beret. Bold heart sweater. Polka dot skirt and black leggings. Uggs.
Riho is looking more conventional than the other two girls. No matter what she wears, she is bound to wear it well on that dancer’s body. I suppose I could fault her for not being daring, but why should she (be daring)? I’m actually starting to feel bad about Riho-hate that I’m reading out there. Her safeness makes her an obvious choice to center any single. I would think we all understand this, making Riho-hate a pointless endeavor. Whatever- you all are being silly because of a 13-year-old girl.


Polka dots. Long socks. She really needs someone to dress her up. On normal girl, this look is quite acceptable- even great looking. But Kanon is not a normal girl. She needs to be remarkable in every public appearance or suffer the apathy of the wota (and that’s a best case scenario). Is there a way to get Takahashi Ai to be her personal stylist? What about Mitsui Aika- can Aika be her personal trainer (I don’t know if you have seen Aika’s body- it’s pretty spectacular). Her million dollar smile won’t be enough to carry her with all the new girls that are vying for attention.

Let’s close with a few blog photos!

and I LOVE this last one (from Eripon):

I just noticed that they are wearing they’re bracelets from Alo! Hello!! HOW ADORABLE!!!

clockwise from top left: Eripon, Mizupon, RihoRiho, Kanon

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