Help Me!! previewed

Another sound stage green screen PV, eh? How exactly does leopard print fit in with a deserted-yet-fully-lit city intersection? Not that I think it matters. I’m sure someone out there is calling for thematic unity from their idol groups, but I’m not really one of those.

From the preview, it appears that Morning Musume has again tried to find and execute interesting choreography for their single. This time, there are some precise hand and head movements to spice up their hunched-over trot. I think it looks nice. In particular, during the violin melody, I’m more than a little fooled into thinking this flower like shape is organic. I’m excited to see more of the dance shot.

Here’s my problem. I think things are too balanced. In this preview and in the covers there seems to be an attempt to make sure each girl gets equal screen time and equal face time. The result being all eleven girls in one shot every time. When Sakura sings her solo, I want to focus on her. When Ayumi and Riho are dancing shouldn’t we see more of their work than the other girls? If Eripon, Haruka, Masaki and Kanon are singing the B-Side, and we have chosen to highlight them on the cover, is it necessary to put all 7 other girls in the background?

I know this preview is a preview of the dance shot; likely I’m just getting the covers off my chest.

What do you think of the preview?

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  1. I actually like the fact that the whole group’s on all the covers. It’s kinda like, “Yes this b-side focuses on these girls in particular, but it’s still Morning Musume.” You know? as opposed to other b-side covers. I don’t know. Just saying ^^


    • I think with the size of the group now, we are seeing the difficulty of arranging all the girls in photo shots. To me the best looking cover is LE B, where they didn’t even try to arrange the girls’ bodies. By focusing on fewer girls on the covers, I think the girls and cover designers are free to do more interesting thigs, wota can support the girls in a direct fashion (which covers sold better), and the “collector’s mentality” takes on a bigger role with buyers.
      All this sounds good to me!


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