Line distribution for Help Me!!

Hello! Online user Claneksi (YouTube channel here) took the time to create this great video for the community (THANK YOU!). You can see each girl light up when she sings a line, which is great for those of us who want to know who is singing what and have poor eyesight (note the dance version).  The lines are very well balanced- this is not a Riho/Reina duet.  There are a couple things to be learned here.  Firstly, Oda Sakura did not become the instant lead that some had suspected.  To tell the truth I actually wished she had more solo lines, but that’s not the way Tsunkuboy wanted it.  Second, judging by this video and the dance shot Mizuki spends a significant amount of time in the center (mostly during the second chorus).  As her solo time has been gradually increasing, I’m guessing that Terada-san is pleased with her, um, development.


Opinionated rant follows

I’ve never been much of a line distribution crier. You know the guys I’m talking about: every new release they comment about who deserves lines or (more often) who does not deserve lines. As far as I’m concerned, most of these “objective” comments boil down to “XXXX is my favorite, and I want to see her sing more so everyone will love her.” Of course the flip side of this is when everyone does love a girl, that girl (it’s Riho now, isn’t it?) finds herself on the receiving end of undo criticism and (dare-I-say) hate.  The girls get singing lines based on a number of qualities.  Their ability to sing is certainly taken into account, but it is not the only factor involved.  A girl’s popularity is also a big factor … and I’m glad about this!  Keeping the popular girls in front ensures the popularity of the group continues today.  Gradual incorporation of emerging girls like Mizuki and Sakura ensures the group’s popularity for tomorrow.  And in life, we are sometimes disappointed.


One response

  1. Yeah, it seems like the line distribution is better than the last two singles but I could hardly care less about it anymore since people need to just get used to it. You’ll have a few songs which seem to be in favour of a few front girls then a few other songs that let everyone have a solo, duet or group line.


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