Vivid Flower DVD

To tell the truth, I’m not a huge Wada Ayaka fan. Ayacho has been making my ears bleed since 2008 in Shugo Chara Egg! Boy, she was weird looking back then. I was also disappointed when Ayaka was chosen for S/mileage over Saho Akari, who I much preferred. No use in crying: S/mileage started great, got better, and is now a work in progress thanks to her efforts. That sounded a lot nastier than I meant it to sound. I think she has done what any young girl would do to save her floundering idol group would do. Judging from blog articles, this hasn’t been easy for any of the S/mileage girls.

Well, at least there’s a solo DVD on the horizon for Ayacho. I think she looks like a different person in this preview. The girlish S/mileage look doesn’t suit her anywhere near as well as the more mature look she sports both here and in the Peaberry PV. Did you know she’s 18 now? EIGHTEEN. No wonder she is looking so mature in the DVD preview! It seriously took me a minute to recognize her!! You know, S/mileage is a young girl’s game. Seeing the young’uns behind her growing, I wonder how long she will last in S/mileage.

She still sounds like a screeching feral cat, but now she’s a more consistently pitched feral cat. Well … just check her out. You won’t even need the mute button!

Here’s the Peaberry PV, for the curious.


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