When the street you see is not

After some initial viewings, I can say I love this dance shot. The girls are required to produce some intricately timed, precisely angled movements. The look and overall impression of the production is very awe-inspiring. And while there are some gestures that are clearly recycled from the last few singles, these movements create a unique style to Morning Musume’s dancing. I’m not sure that Morning Musume has ever had a signature look to their dances. The effect of all of this is the 11 girls moving as one.

The set is actually not a set. Like the last PV, the girls are dancing in front a green screen. The background that was filled into the green screen is a street intersection at night. A gigantic red moon looms behind the girls, creating and ominous atmosphere.

After some initial fist pumps, the girls form this flower looking shape. The added arm and hand movements make the flower look like it’s organic and moving about. I can’t help but think about “One Grecian Urn” from “The Music Man” when I see this formation, but that’s not Morning Musume’s fault- I just watched too much Family Film Festival growing up.

When we arrive at the verse, the girls get low. There are sweeping hand gestures that make them look like they are hunting wild Pokemon in the tall grass.

Followed by some peek-a-boo.

When the girls start name dropping places in Japan, the girls start doin’ the twist. I see you there, Haruka, tryna sell it.

And then the snake ….

Becomes the human centipede.

These movements aren’t new to Morning Musume- they’ve used them in the last two PV’s. The added arm gestures, though, add a new movement and fluidity to the whole thing. The results are some eye-trickery.

Riho’s solo line is sung to a cascaded head movement that doesn’t really capture well. Just watch it.

My favorite part of the songs comes next. The Scotch Snap rhythm over a electronic whizzes and beeps is accompanied by Haruna and Erina making tough-looking arm and leg movements. It’s Eripon in the front. Yes I love it. And, Haruna looks, dare I say, good with her movements. I think she might be over the lost-praying-mantis stage of her career.

During the proper chorus, the background comes alive with motion blurred vehicles passing around the girls and neon signs coming alive in an orgy of colored lights. The girls have a proper spread formation. They make sweeping arm gestures that are symmetric about the center of the formation. At one point, the effect is that of a giant bird stretching, then flapping its wings.

The ending of the chorus moves the girls into the familiar “A” the “V” forms. As they have been doing well for this entire PV the V is accented with timed, cascading arm movements.

The second time through the instrumental, the girls show us the V formation with more of the twisting arm movements that cascade backwards from Riho to Ayumi (in the right) and Sakura (in the left). Visually striking stuff.

Remember the heavy breathing part? It turns out that it is actually Mizuki, Erina, and Kanon (although it still might be Tsunku in reality). And, ohai, is that a garter on Mizuki?

Hello there, Mizuki in the center. I hope you stay there for a while!

And … final tableau.

Do I like it? Yes! I cannot wait for the actual PV.


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  1. Haha nice post! 🙂 I love the dance shot! I really like how synchronised they are at dancing to this choreography. Although it’s not my favourite dance (I favour OTT more but this is definitely better than WTaC), I did like it overall. I did find it hard to tell Sakura and Erina apart dancing at some points so Sakura’s solo spotlight was a bit confusing for me. Loved Mizuki’s parts, girl is flawless and gorgeous.

    Still don’t like the skirts but I guess the pink is not that bad. The background effects doesn’t even bother me at all, I like it.


    • Thank you again.
      I think it’s going to be difficult for MoMusu to top the herald-like spectacle of One Two Three. The reveal of the song at the Girls Award 2012 was a moment in time that blind-sided everyone.
      I love One-Two-Three, but this dance shot may own it in terms of intricacy.

      On a side note- KPP is playing in Los Angeles, too! And at a smaller venue! I’m totally going.


      • The dance shot ver was indeed a let down because they had such a plain background in comparison to this which I quite love.

        AWESOME. I hope you enjoy seeing KPP. ^^


  2. I will buy my copy when they let me know what the damned B-sides sound like and not a moment sooner! D=<

    "And, Haruna looks, dare I say, good with her movements. I think she might be over the lost-praying-mantis stage of her career." Your pithy one-liners are fantastic as always. I love your reviews. Please keep writing them.

    And yes, that's a garter on Mizuki, and yes, she looks glorious in the centre. Sayumi has taught her well.


  3. Wow i have to say that the choreographers really outdid themselves with this dance!
    The choreography is definitely interesting and awesome!!
    They are definitely different from the old Momusu with their
    cool dances that require alot of movement and teamwork…
    It definitely shows that Morning Musume is back with a bang!! LOVE IT!!

    P.S One thing i did not like about the video is how static the camera was…
    Wish it zoomed in on the members faces xD especially Sakura’s solos =)


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