TGS and Budokan

(I seriously need to pace myself on this Morning Musume release, so I’m taking a break from the MoMusu write ups. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve listened to “Help Me!!” already.)

With all the Morning Musume talk, Tokyo Girls’ Style seem to have gone by unnoticed. On December 22, the young girls held a solo live at Nippon Budokan- a phrase that I can’t say without thinking about Cheap Trick.  With an average age of 15, they are now the youngest female group to hold a live at the celebrated venue. The girls’ ages and birthdays were revealed to the audience during the live in order to calculate the average age. Apparently, the birthdays of the girls was a secret(?). A poorly kept secret, since I already knew the girls’ ages and birthdays and am not a stalker. Congratulations, Tokyo Girls’ Style! I wish you continued success.

news report goes here:

Until recently, the 5/20 live at Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall“2nd JAPAN TOUR 2012〜Limited addiction〜 (where the Budokan live was announced) went by unnoticed.  I consider this to be a big shame.  TGS had a string of incredible releases that I adore starting with “Kodou no Himitsu” and ending with “Liar”.  This week, I found the energy to rip myself away from “Help Me!!” and watched a few video clips, like this performance of “Kodou no Himitsu”

or this version of the Ayano-filled “Tsuioku”

(How great is Ayano’s vocals! Love her!)

or this version of “Kirari☆”

Did you notice the live band behind the girls? I don’t know what this means for most of you listeners, but to me this means a minimum of backing tape vocals. It’s a brave move which few idols make since flaws are more exposed than the normal Karaoke vocal style idol concerts. In this setting, TGS sounded excellent. I give credit to their brief training hiatus. The girls came back with more even vocals, with the weaker girls suddenly becoming good performers. So, why don’t other idol groups train their girls? I’m looking at you, Morning Musume.

Moral of the story, even when I don’t make a Morning Musume post, I make a Morning Musume post.


5 responses

  1. Tokyo Girls Style definitely deserve it… They are one of the few idols i like outside of Hello Project and UFP… I actually got to meet them in my country Singapore too! Even though it was a free concert,
    they really put in alot of effort! You can say i was really impressed =o
    Congratulations again Tokyo Girls Style!!

    P.S I know how you feel. I have been watching that Help Me Dance Shot PV countless times too! Even while i am typing this i am listening to the song… =/


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  3. I’ve listened to Help Me!! way too much as well! >_< Even learning the dance. If the birthdays are a secret then why do we already know their ages? XD

    Anyways, I need to listen to more TGS songs so please tell me some recommendations. I've heard Kodou no Himitsu and Tsuioku only.


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