C-ute Live on YouTube

As an international fan, I love these events. On December 30, ℃-ute’s live at Zepp Fukuoka will be live on YouTube! You can check the official channel on 12/30, 6 PM (JST) or 12/30, 1 AM Los Angeles time (PST) if you live near me.

There is something special about watching these events live. My internet connection is not great, so video comes in choppy sometimes, yet I try to watch these whenever humanly possible. As a fan, I want to feel as close to my idols as the law allows and without resorting to super-creeper status. A live stream, even with crappy quality, gets me THAT much more emotionally involved.

Part of my affinity for Tokyo Girls’ Style is their Ustream Channel. Sometimes, they were performing. Most of the time, the girls were doing not much of anything. The immediacy of the entire affair, however, puts you closer to the girls. In fact, I wish all my idol groups would stream their random nonsense occasionally.

Riho fans- don’t you want to see your girl drinking cider backstage?
Haruka fans- doesn’t the prospect of seeing Husky-Voice taunt Masaki live intrigue you?
Haruna fans- you want to see the Praying Mantis do her JoJo thing, right?
Me, I’ll take Eripon doing anything. It’s bound to put a smile on my face on even my darkest days. That’s the way idols work, you know.


2 responses

  1. oooh this is just too good to be true… maybe they are gonna announce something really big during the concert?? (like their milestone 20th single) xD nice to see UFP finally using Youtube to show off ℃-ute’s charm to the world! got my lightsticks ready for 30/12 lol =)


    • I’ll be likely watching!
      H!P has been getting better with using the internet lately. This is evidenced by C-ute’s 30 different videos thing in April and their growing Twitter presence.
      And, they have been VERY savvy with Morning Musume and their PV teases with dance shots and rehearsal shots.


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