Alo! Hello 6 part 1


One of the first things that I watched as a fan of Morning Musume was the Alo! Hello 2. Yossi was in charge, and she really seemed like a woman hanging around with a bunch of teens. In a stroke of genius, pairs of the girls (minus Miki, who stayed at home to give advice as the “base”) were scattered around Oahu, given a few tasks, and ultimately had to find their way home. VERY entertaining. Except for the Berryz Kobo “van rapist man“, there has not been an Alo! Hello release as entertaining as this DVD.  Will the girls strike gold again with Alo! Hello 6?  I won’t know until I see the goods myself.

Recently a lot of screen caps from this release have come online.  There are so many screen caps, that I’m breaking this into a four-part series.  Right here, we’ll see screen caps of the girls together.  In the subsequent three posts, we’ll take a (ahem) closer look at each generation.  So by a show of hands, WHO’S WITH ME?!


Starting off with the contents of this special. There seems to be three segments that are not eye-candy in nature.  We have a very interesting “Water Shooter Battle”, a “What is It?” game (so entertaining that is played twice), and a “Mission Musume”.


Water shooter, eh?  I suppose they mean water guns.

Eripon readies herself for a sneak attack …


Judging by the angle of Ayumi’s water shooter, she must have played Angry Birds once or twice


And then she abandons the water shooter for a … what the hell is that?


And then Haruna’s on the receiving end of it whilst Masaki and Riho are in time out.

3bVBp s2dgk

Oh hey, did you notice Haruka non-nonchalantly walking along in the background?

Meanwhile, Masaki gets in on the action with a smurf-lookin’ water shooter.


And now we have PonPon and Kanon on the receiving end.  Eripon looks like she’s trying to protect her gen-mates from the onslaught of Dihydrogen Monoxide.


Er, Eripon, you’re lookin’ kinda in shape.  Been hittin’ the gym, or the links, or the plushie penguins?

YAY It’s time for the “What is it” game!



Um what is it?  I’m distracted by Sayumi swinging her hair back and forth.


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