Alo! Hello 6 part 2- Rokkies


Did you know that the remaining Rokkies are my favorite Rokkies?  I loved Miki’s voice and personality but never got a chance to truly LOVE her.  Eririn never clicked for me.  But, Reina’s bad-assery and Sayu’s transparent cute personality really get me.  My first exposure to their hijinks was their “waiting for the bus” bit on Alo! Hello 2, which is timely considering the content of this post (for the life of me, I cannot find any links to their bus skit!!)  They are like heads and tails, punch and a kiss, slap and a tickle.

Look at them, floating off into the sunset …


Reina decides to be Reina and do a few tough looking poses



And Sayumi never disappoints when a bikini is involved

nXXML X1swOx3Tfa  OTw1d  uJIIo G7Mza

Those apple sunglasses do it for me.  Maybe I’m read through “Lolita” too many times.

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