Alo! Hello 6 Part 3- Q-ki

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Look at them, eating their shave ice.  Have you ever had shave ice?  Every time I go to Hawaii, I make a point to eat as much shave ice as I can.  Even though there are some great places to get shave ice in Los Angeles, it never tastes as good as on the islands.  But I digress.

Does anyone, has anyone, can anyone look as enraptured at the expectation of shave ice in their mouth as Mizuki?  Kanon looks like we caught her mid-bite, Eripon is putting on her cute face (and what a cute face it is- FOREHEAD!), and Riho doesn’t get much of a shot with her profile and sharing the frame with … that.  Her look is almost pornographic, I’m serious.

Back in preview land, let’s have a looksie at Mizuki!

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These last few years have been very kind to her.  I don’t know if I should look into her eyes, or keep ogling the very exposed mole.

What about Eripon?


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She’s shy … awww!  Like we say in the previous post, our little KY girl has quite an athletic build.  In contrast to Mizupon’s soft curvy body, Eripon looks thin and chiseled.  I only hope this doesn’t make her the jock of the group.


Rihoriho’s turn…

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Actually, there’s not much to say about Riho.  I think she has a cute face, but her thin lips give her an smug looking smile.  With the abundance of Riho material already out there, another photobook and DVD featuring Riho might be redundant at this point.

Kanon’s smile …

qyfMK  KMClg zueeK

Ugh … I don’t want to write about the BMI of a 14-year-old girl.  She’s an entertainer, so she should take care of herself.  I just don’t want her smile to be her only redeeming quality.  I’ll leave it there.

And did you really think I could get away with this without a PonPon shot?


I need some boba.  I need some boba now.

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