Alo! Hello 6 Part 4- Ten-ki

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Beach Boys Musume anyone?  In this last installment, we are looking at the 10th generation members.  I can’t really get a good feel for the 10th generation.  I know Haruna loves JoJo (I’m still planning on watching the new anime version of this), Ayumi is a crazy good dancer who does a good dramatic chipmunk impersonation, Masaki is just a talented kid who  likes to hug Reina, and Haruka is husky voice Tsundere.  I’m still waiting for the one break-out moment where an outpouring of love bonds me to one of the girls.  There’s a lot less Ten-ki stuff floating around.  This is probably because their photobook is still forthcoming.   That doesn’t mean we can’t have a look at the girls.

First, let’s get some praying mantis Haruna action!

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She has a model’s skinny body, no mistake.  And that last picture gives you an idea about her goofiness.

Judging by her solo lines and screen presence, Ayumi is turning into a Tsunkuboy favorite.


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She’s really got the “crazy-eyes” thing DOWN.  In a few years, Ayumi looks like she’d be a leading suspect if you ever come home to find your bunny boiling on your stove (NO NOT SAYU!!)

I find Masaki probably the most endearing of all four of the tenki.


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She’s so young.  She emits a very innocent aura … I can’t explain it.  She reminds me a special education child who only wants to be held and loved.

And now, Haruka

unPeh  GPBVr  23LJVcv0A3

Haruka is very interesting to me as well.  She young as well, but not innocent like Masaki.  Years as a Hello! Pro egg make her already experienced in the ways of the idol.   What I really want to see is more of Haruka and Masaki teaming together like they did on the enjoyable Black Variety show!

Well, I’m spent.  Have a wonderful day after Christmas!


Here’s is Masakissu video that I was looking for!


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  1. I really enjoyed this post… Love 10-ki more than 9-ki.. i see Reina is more happy ever since Maachan joined… Daishi got beautiful eyes , Haruka got that tsundere thing going on and Haruna is just gorgeous with that model body… (just don’t get too close to her since shes a praying mantis lol) Everyone is so cute and genki i love them to bits!!


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