A bunny, a cat. A pon and a kissu

rokkie bikini

Oh, hey there, Sayu, Reina.  I see you enjoyed your time in Hawaii.  I didn’t think it was possible, but my love for you two has only grown in the last year.  How about some individual appeal time?

sayu reina

I don’t think anyone will have any complaints about this.  (Nice tootsies, Reina)

Eripon Masakissu balls

Eripon, Masakissu … I hope you enjoyed yourselves in Hawaii, too.  So before anyone can say “two girls, one ball” , maybe we should just move over to next year.

mizuki parasol

Well, no Mizuki.  There’s no way I can forget how great you were this year.  Now that everyone under the sun has had a chance to  … um … inspect the goods, I hope a photobook is forthcoming, too.

Since Kanon has a butterfly impersonation, can Riho do a sow bug impersonation?

That’s pretty good Riho.  You have a great new year as well!

And now, my sweet Eripon …

eripon glasses

Thank you for reminding the world that Asian girls look ridiculously cute in big, nerdy glasses.


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