Karin Outta Jail

After years of anticipation and failed Morning Musume and S/mileage auditions, Miyamoto Karin is in a new Hello! Project unit.  This new unit will feature H!P Kenshuusei members Miyamoto Karin (14), Kanazawa Tomoko (17), Miyazaki Yuka (18), Uemura Akari (14) , Takagi Sayuki (15), and Otsuka Aina (14).  Actually, Miyazaki Yuka isn’t a Kenshuusei member- she’s the one who isn’t wearing a beret.

My excitement level for this act is at 6/10.  I wasn’t expecting a new unit to be announced, although I probably should have sensed it coming.  I’m happy to see that there will be more Karin.  I’m happy that there will be more Yuka.

What do we know about the members?

The biggest name on this roster is Miyamoto Karin.  Karin has been in a few auditions, but had not found a place in neither S/mileage nor Morning Musume.  There has been thought that Tsunku was saving Karin for something special.  This new unit must be Tsunku’s special thing.  Karin impresses me in everything I have ever seen or heard.

Here’s Karin in Shin MiniMoni.  She’s the one who’s not Kanon or Takechan

Come to think of it, every member of Shin MiniMoni is an egg who later debuted with Hello! Project.  That’s a pretty good track record!




Miyazaki Yuka is best known as a member of the Satoyama unit Green Fields.  She is the only member of the unit who was not a member of the H!P Kenshuusei.  Yuka came to Hello! Project as a finalist for the S/mileage auditions.  After the S/mileage auditions, Yuka auditioned for the 11th generation of Morning Musume.  Yuka will be the oldest member of this unit at 18 years old.  I’m glad that Miyazaki is debuting, since it shows that her hard work and persistence payed off!  I wish I had more exciting things to say about her, but I really don’t know her yet!

Here’s a Green Fields PV:



Otsuka Aina was another finalist for Morning Musume.  After her audition for the 9th generation, Aina joined H!P eggs.  Aina auditioned unsuccessfully for S/mileage, and then auditioned unsuccessfully for Morning Musume’s 10th generation.  After that, she auditioned unsuccessfully for Morning Musume’s 11th generation.  This girl is unkillable.  Tsunku finally said, “FINE! You win!”

Here’s Aina as a9th generation finalist.  She is just beginning her time in Kenshuusei hell:




Takagi Sayuki is another auditionee for S/mileage and 11th generation Morning Musume.  I see that her nickname is Sayubee, which I find kinda funny.

Here’s Sayubee with Karin and a couple of other eggs singing “All I Want for Christmas”




Uemura Akari also participated in the 11th generation Morning Musume audtion.  I suppose she didn’t make it ‘cuz THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE.





Kanazawa Tomoko has not been involved in any audition.  I know nothing about her.


Well, I think I’ve flapped my trap about things I know nothing about.  Good luck, girls!  Try to be pickier about your wardrobe than S/mileage…




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