Of Berryz and Disco Balls

Asian Celebration2013-02-18-10h45m07s39

The view from the inside of a disco ball is pretty nice.  I got lots of Berryz girls dancing around, pretending to DJ and generally mugging and pouting in front of me.  There is some sort of Asian Celebration happening, clearly.  After all, these girls are all Asian, I’m Asian, and this disco is located in Japan.

Asian Celebration is available for purchase at CD Japan

To start with, Miyabi say’s “Let’s have a good time!”  And, I believe her!  Things with Buono! have slowed to a crawl, and H!P seem to have forgotten any group not named “Morning Musume” or “C-ute”, so why not celebrate the hell out of the new year?

Asian Celebration2013-02-18-10h42m10s53

Furthermore, Tsunku is still building his personal menagerie with this release.  First, we had Berryz as monkeys, then Berryz as fish, then MoMusu as chickens, MoMusu as leopards, and NOW Berryz as zebra.  I’m was a little surprised when “Pyoko Pyoko Ultra” was released since no seemed to have caught caught Tsunku’s  disturbing bestiality streak.

Asian Celebration2013-02-18-10h36m08s255
Zebras on the dance floor

Asian Celebration2013-02-18-10h44m09s220
Zebras pointing over there

When I listened to the live recordings of this “Asian Celebration”, I was concerned with all of the falsetto vocals in the verses.  To my ears, the girls sounded like they were trying to mimic the same pitch altering effect we heard in Morning Musume’s “Kimagure Princess“- and failing.  Now, I know that they are not trying to ape some mechanical trickery- they just overestimating their falsetto pitches.  Not that I blame them too much; that switch to falsetto is pretty quick.

The video, like many of the past Hello! Project videos, is an explosion of effects.  There is a strange vignette used where the edges of the frame look like non-stop disco ball action.  If that wasn’t enough disco ball action, the aforementioned prop of choice makes its way into the main frame, infecting the viewer with reflection after starbursted reflection.

Asian Celebration2013-02-18-10h35m33s161
The bokeh that ate Miyabi.

In many ways, this PV is more conventional that their previous PV “WANT“.  The format is still a Dance Shot intercut with  solos, lip versions.  Rather than the intricately shot 7-sided set from “WANT”, we get a single DJ set up.  No, I’m not happy about that.    They could have trucked in some loungy furniture, a few of the other H!P girls, and had a big “We are all having fun in a disco” set.  Or, hell, I would have taken a non sequitur “This is a disco, but we are having a pillow fight” set.  Just the DJ set-up seems frankly uninspired.

Asian Celebration2013-02-18-10h36m39s61
Just queuing it up

Asian Celebration2013-02-18-10h39m55s223
DJ Maasa with an attitude

Asian Celebration2013-02-18-10h38m01s99
Captain and her personal disco ball

I think the metric I need to use to evaluate the song is “Does this feel like a  celebration?” I’ll have to take my “H!P fan” hat off for this.  The answer is “not really.”  The disco feels like the loneliest disco ever filmed.  It looks like a disco, sure; but, I am never once fooled into believing that the girls are actually partying like it’s Dec. 21 2012.  These girls are certainly professional enough to make it look like they are having a great time queuing up the latest Base-Ball Bear track and line-dancing like there’s no tomorrow.  They’re wearing pretty ridiculous club wear, and they should overheat in those zebra print jackets with red lapels.  But, they don’t care- they’re still celebrating Asia, or having a Asian style celebration.  They do less of a job of convincing me that I should be partying with them.  Of course, I would gladly party it up with them- as long as they don’t put Miya in that ridiculous hair style.

Asian Celebration-2013-02-18-10h08m27s128

When will they learn that this hair doesn’t work…
Asian Celebration2013-02-18-10h36m59s4
Lots of pointing going on.  Here’s Risako giving the finger.

Asian Celebration2013-02-18-10h38m23s85
Chinami has a playful finger

Asian Celebration2013-02-18-10h42m41s113
Captain as well

Asian Celebration2013-02-18-10h43m30s95
Miyabi is more of a beckoning finger

Asian Celebration2013-02-18-10h41m26s120
Momo also gets in on the action

Then there’s the other hand motions …

Asian Celebration2013-02-18-10h34m58s77

Asian Celebration2013-02-18-10h35m07s153

Which leads to the  unforgettable Chinami …

Asian Celebration2013-02-18-10h38m47s55

Asian Celebration2013-02-18-10h09m24s17

Risako looks like she’s having fun …

Asian Celebration2013-02-18-10h14m24s23
Yurina says, “wtf?”

Asian Celebration2013-02-18-10h43m43s213
That’s right.  Laugh it off

The bridge of the song gives each girl a small amount of face time, including ….

Asian Celebration2013-02-18-10h42m37s49
Maasa pouting …

Asian Celebration2013-02-18-10h42m52s196
… which is what Risako does best

Asian Celebration2013-02-18-10h43m07s119
Chinami looking heartfelt

Asian Celebration2013-02-18-10h41m59s193
and … Yurina scolding

Like in “WANT”, I had a hard time not capturing every Miya moment.  Sure, she still has that long face but isn’t she looking like a vixen lately?

Asian Celebration2013-02-18-10h37m43s186
Yeah, mix the hell of of it!

Asian Celebration2013-02-18-10h40m29s64
What are you listening to?  Do I even care?

Asian Celebration2013-02-18-10h11m18s216

And then there’s this unfortunate pose…

Asian Celebration2013-02-18-10h37m19s206

As long as H!P stop this ridiculous pose, we’re going to be OK

4 responses

  1. In the case of this PV and styling, what were they thinking while they were doing Miyabi’s hair? And sometimes with those contacts, they just don’t suit her. Risako should have kept her red hair colour. Saki, Momoko, Maasa and Chinami look great especially Momoko who has her hair in a hairstyle that I have wanted her to have for ages (that or her hair down). Yurina looks alright.

    The song is alright but not appealing to me as the previous two were. It could have been so much better. Love the outfits though.


  2. What’s up with everyone having a cow about the quick high-pitch notes? Does no one notice that it’s supposed to sound like a turntable scratch? It sounds awesome!

    I wish Miya’s hair was the same as in WANT! She looks younger with darker hair. Iuno, doesn’t suit her much.


    • A turntable scratch…I hadn’t thought of that! Nice observation! I just didn’t think they executed it well in the live version that I heard. The recorded version sound fine to me. Tricky to execute live, but ok “on wax”


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